OCTOBER 11, 2016

A Beach Escape


As much as I love living in the center of Amsterdam, I don't mind taking the occasional break from the chaos. I recently stumbled upon the relatively new vacation rentals Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee, not far from Amsterdam, and thought, what better way to spend the weekend than a quiet escape on the coast? The weather forecast didn't look too promising, but we ventured out for a real adventure.

Bloemendaal aan Zee is just a short train and/or bus ride from Amsterdam. In the summer, you'll find the beaches packed with sunbathers, surfers, and  drinkers and diners at one of the many beach bars and clubs. In the off-season, the coast is marked by rough winds and cold waters, the odd surfer out catch a wave, and a family chasing their dog down the beach. You'll find several of the beach bars open all year round, like San Blas and Rapa Nui; be sure to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or a fresh mint tea and a slice of apple pie.

Tucked away in the dunes is the holiday park Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee. Equipped with everything you might need for a weekend away or a several week stay, the vacation homes are comfortable, decorated in nude tones, and feature floor-to-ceiling windows that make for the most wonderful afternoon day dreaming... In the morning, head over to the mini supermarket for fresh bread, make yourself a cup of coffee, and pull on a sweater before heading out on the porch to enjoy the fresh air.  


Sometimes we need to detox from our everyday lives, from our routines. Breathe in some fresh air. Do absolutely nothing. Only then can we be completely submersed in a new environment and open ourselves up to new smells, new tastes, new sights. A quick break from the city was just what we needed to start the week. Looking forward to the next one! Follow along on Instagram for more photos from my travels at @maeandmany and #awaywithmae.